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Circular Economy for Job Seekers and Employers

CIRCLE – Activating Learning Environments in Circular Economy project aims to increase circular economy and the employment opportunities and competencies based on it. The project is funded by European Social Fund ESR.

The goals of the project are:
1. To create new solutions for the capacity development and employment of people with challenges in the labor market

2. To respond to the needs of companies in the rapidly evolving field of circular economy, especially with jobs with low employment threshold

3. To put circular economy into practice and to create new jobs

In the project, several activating learning environments will be created focusing on circular economy. The concepts are spreadable, scalable and possible to mainstream. The project leader is the City of Tampere and the main contributors are Tampereen ev.lut. seurakuntayhtymä, Ekokumppanit Oy, Nextiili ry and TITRY ry.

At present, projects in progress around circular economy focus on high-tech, product development and industrial symbiosis. This project focuses specifically on the development of jobs in the circular economy and in particular the identification of low-threshold tasks. Lower threshold tasks generate significant volumes of work when new resource-efficient solutions are diversified and expanded into the business.

The project has already identified several thematic themes such as waste food, waste textiles, and maintenance, repair and pretreatment (including circulation of building materials) and landscaping. By identifying employers’ needs, there will also be other themes that are addressed in learning environments during the project implementation period.

The activating learning environments created in the project provide tasks in which participants are able to enhance their skills on various vocational branches by on-the-job learning. Participants will gain more motivation and capacity to apply for further vocational training and get a degree. The main aim is to help job seekers getting employment in the field of circular economy.

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